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The first service in the world that gives you real likes from influencers, brands and verified users. Push your posts to the max and get your content to EXPLORE.


Why choose us?

We are the largest influencer exchange community in Italy and among the largest in the world.

For this reason, all interactions are REAL. NO BOT or fake interactions.

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Post without worries

Once you have purchased the service, you can start posting on your page. Make sure you post content that has the potential to go viral! Our powerlikes are very powerful and shouldn't be wasted on posts that don't have viral potential.


Receive our POWERLIKES

Within 24/48 hours your post will start receiving powerlikes from huge accounts. You can receive up to 750 likes from a network of over 100 million influencers.


Go viral

If you have problems with your posts and don't go viral, it is because your content is only seen by your audience. By subscribing to our service you will be exposed to a wider network and have the potential to go viral.

user friendly


And get collaborations on Instagram

Powerlike.it is the only service in the world that will allow you to receive interactions from influencers, brands and verified users from all over the world, even with millions of followers. You just have to post, we’ll take care of the rest.


What are powerlikes?

We define Powerlikes as likes that come from extremely large Instagram accounts.

As you may know, Instagram shows the best performing posts based on user interactions around the world. The way our service works is when you post, you will receive several hundred powerlikes that can push your posts to EXPLORE or to the MOST POPULAR POSTS of hashtags. When you receive powerlikes, you are exposed to the network of users who like your post.


A reliable partner for your Instagram collaborations.

You'll also look good with the brands you sponsor.

Our PowerLikes help you rank high in hashtags and increase your chances of entering the Explore page.


Our packages



99,90 39.90 / mo.
  • Up to 4.500 POWERLIKES per month (150 per post)
  • Max 30 posts per month
  • 208 million followers on the net
  • Rank on #hashtag and explore
  • Get likes in 24-48 hours
  • No password required


199,90 129.90 / mo.
  • Up to 22.500 POWERLIKES per month (750 per post)
  • Max 30 posts per month
  • 208 million followers on the net
  • Rank on #hashtag and explore
  • Get likes in 24-48 hours
  • No password required

The advantages of our service

The best solution to constantly have the number of likes you want on each photo that is posted, without making expensive purchases of fake likes or bots.

With powerlikes you will be much more likely to end up on the popular page, thus making your profile grow faster.


You just have to post

Our service will take care of your interactions. Just think about posting, we'll take care of the rest!



Although these are people who really interact with your content, these profiles will be asked to like them within 24-48 hours of posting the post.


No password

Unlike other services, we don't need your credentials. We will add your account directly to our network

user friendly

Smart activation

Place the order, enter your username and your invoice details. The service will be active within 24 hours

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Disable the service whenever you want

You can easily deactivate the service at any time, directly from your reserved area on the website www.powerlike.it



All profiles are real and are people who interact manually with your content

About us

Here is what some of the more than 500 customers who are loyal to our services say

I highly recommend this service. Every time that I post I get likes from real profiles, influencers and public figures with millions of followers. I don't have to think about anything anymore!
Debora C.
Fashion Influencer
A perfect service. Since I entrusted myself to the guys of Powerlike.it, I don't have to think about anything anymore. I post and they do the rest. My posts are often at the top of the most popular posts. Fantastic.
Marcella C.
Modella & Beauty Blogger
I used to worry about how to increase my interactions, using external services every time I posted and with bad results. At first I couldn't believe it, but since I discovered this service I can't do without it anymore.
Luca V.
Travel Blogger & Web Designer
Definitely their flagship product. An absolutely unique service in the world. I purchased to increase the visibility of my business. Once you have tried it, you will never be able to do without it! Thanks guys 🙂
Sergio T.
Ceo & Founder

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Write to our support team. We will be happy to answer your questions and propose the best solutions for you and your customers.

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Below you can find the answers to all your questionse

Our likes come from a REAL like exchange of the largest accounts of the world’s most powerlike networks. What makes our service unique is that we combine the best of the best to create a network size of over 250 million users!

Absolutely not! The way the algorithm works is that once Instagram sees likes from all of these large accounts to a post, it will display the post to a sample audience in the Explore tab. If it works well with the public, you will be pushed higher in explore and that’s when you have the chance to go viral. Our service gives you this opportunity, but the content you post is entirely up to you and ultimately determines the performance of your post.

You can post a maximum of 30 posts per month, 1 post per day.

Absolutely not! We will never ask for access to your account. We just need a username to know where to send likes.

No, our service is exclusively for powerlikes. We also have a comment community. Contact us to find out more!

Yes sure! If you need a larger package, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail and we will be happy to help you.

Yes we do! Contact us via email or live chat and we will be happy to find a discounted price for you.

If you haven’t posted or received likes froms our service yet, we’ll issue a refund. After using our service once, the subscription period is blocked for the billing cycle and we will not be able to issue any refunds.

Yes we do! Our team of experts will be happy to guide you on your Instagram growth journey. Contact us for pricing.

With powerlikes you have to expect an allowance of + or – 25 likes on your posts. This is due to the fact that the accounts in our network have real limits just like your accounts, which we would never take lightly. The security of accounts in our network is our # 1 priority, so if some have hit their hour limit, you could potentially get a few less likes. This is one of the reasons why we suggest posting during off-peak hours. This will never affect your chances of landing on the browse page and going viral.

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